New Ultraviolet (360 - 420 nm) p-side up Chips

LA UX45 55WP3

This bare chips are designed for high performance consumer applications with a p-side up connection. With the vertical chip structure the bare chips give a remarkable light extraction and a Lambertian beam radiation. They can be driven at very high currents compared to the chip size, an outstanding cost vs. performance ratio can be obtained.

  • Top emitting device

  • Polarity: p-side up
  • Lambertian radiation

  • Optimized for SMT applications

  • Grouping: radiant power

  • Medical and analytic instrumentation

  • UV curing and PCB exposure system

  • Printing

  • Photocatalytic wafer purification
  • Coating

  • Industrial applications

Available Products
written on 08.10.2021