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High Current LED Dice

Light Avenue’s high current LED dice show extremely high current densities at UV and visible wavelengths and
emit all of the light through the top of the die with a Lambertian emission characteristics.

LED Dice with up to 3A / mm² from 390 to 640 nm!

Read more details here high-current_flyer.pdf

high current dice



Visit us at LpS Digital 2020 - A presentation about LED and Modules using TIR Optics

Follow our presentation online LED Components and Modules using TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Optics for
Highest Performance and Beam Shaping
Link: https://www. youtube.

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See our extended UV LED portfolio!

LED in different power classes all typ. @  275 nm:
LA KL120U8F  with typ. 3.5 mW
LA KM120U8F with typ. 11 mW
LA KP120U8F  with typ. 45 mW
LA KH120U8F  with typ. 105 mW
LA KG120U8F  with typ. 250 mW
LA KE120UYG  with typ. 950 mW
LA KE120U8F   with typ. 1100 mW

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