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New Light Engine

SEVENGINE Released! 
This brand new concept convinces throught its high performance parameters in any case! Read more and check out the actual specifications. Customization possible!

Light Avenue expands range to LED manufacturing! - 
Development and distribution!
Light Avenue stands for a wide variety of reliable LED chips at a great value. Our product range covers high quality color LED chips, detector chips, and our unique white LED dice. We offer the best service, top prices even at small to medium order quantities and professional worldwide shipping.
We additionally invest in capacities to develop and produce LED components and customer specific LED modules, anything off the standard, also available in small volumes!
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Sevengine LA AT020CWH



High Power Light Engine - Sevengine

Light Avenue release new light engine concept - Sevengine

- Leading edge of light engine technology
- 20° radiation angle at low module height
- High optical efficiency...

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Light Avenue is a fabless LED chip supplier and LED component manufacturer. We offer services like chip and laser sorting, measuring, prototype development and much more.  Contact us for your quote and consulting.

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