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At Light Avenue we offer a broad spectrum of services regarding your specific needs. We have inhouse competencies and equipment to fulfill your requirements and support your development.

Experience our wide range of Consulting, Simulation, Testing and Manufacturing

Development and Simulation of Optics
  • Concept definition
  • Simulation of beam parameter
  • Integration of chip radiation incl. creation of beam characteristic
  • Radiation simulation (chip + lens)
  • Definition of build data optic / CAD model incl. technical drawings
Optimization Beam Radiation
  • Simulation / Optimization of optical radiation based on sample tests (PMMA material)
  • Definition of build data optic / CAD model incl. technical drawing
Manufacture Prototype based on Build Data
  • Manufacture consulting of mounts
  • Sampling of optics and mounts
Construction and Connection Technology
  • Die Bonding with electrically conductive Ag-epoxies
  • Wire Bonding with Au- and Al-wire
  • Dispensing and filling with UV-curing and different epoxies
Measurement of LED Bare Dice / LED / Lasers
  • Wavelength, Voltage and optical Power
  • Possible housings are SMD and THT (TO-Header) and single bare dice
Quality Measurement
  • High definition microscopy for wire bonds
LED Die Sorting
  • Sorting to frame, waffle-package and gel-package


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