About Light Avenue

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Customized LED Development and LED Chip Supplier

Our guiding idea is to offer our B2B customers a unique service portfolio as manufacturer for customized LED solutions and as LED chip supplier.

Customized LED Development

We continuously intensify our efforts to develop special customized LED, LED modules and laser products. We have a strong cooperation with our customer from the very beginning starting the development process up to serial production. The materials we work with are e.g.  FR4, MCPCB, ceramics, surface emitting chips. As additional components resistors or capacitors can be integrated. We are qualified in encapsulation with silicone, epoxy or with glass window. Our target: Miniaturization as much as possible!

Our LED portfolio covers all wavelengths from blue to infrared, as package solutions we offer SMD and through hole devices. Our products mainly target applications in the industrial and medical markets, we have a focus on high temperature and high pulse applications.

Our Laser products range from UV to infrared, with or without monitor diode, VCSEL products and laser dice. 
We specify laser diodes based on customer request. Each single diode is measured for wavelength and/or performance. This enables us to offer binnings. Ask us for more details!

As additional services we offer

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Construction and connection technology
  • Measurement of LED bare dice /LED / Laser diodes
  • LED chip sorting


LED bare die supply

We offer a wide range of LED chips, starting from ultraviolett (UV), blue, green and red to infrareds in sizes varying from 8 to 80 mil. Our bare dice products consist of wafer soldered technologies such as InGaN, AllnGaP and AlGaAs as well as standard absorbing substrates (AllnGaP, AlGaAs) or volume emitting technologies (AlGaAs, SiC). Within the production cycle mainly MOCVD reactors are used. Upon request we also offer LPE dice at infrared wavelengths.

White LED chips in cold-, neutral-, and warm white are our specialty.

From the idea to the customized solution!