About Light Avenue

Light Avenue was established in 2012. Ever since, our guiding idea has been to offer our B2B customers a unique service portfolio as a fabless LED chip supplier. Moreover, to guarantee top quality of our products we have only contracted high quality and high volume production lines known for their outstanding performance in the opto electronics industry. Thus, we can meet all our customerĀ“s specific requirements in terms of quality, lead times and costs.

Our Product Range and Technology:

We offer a wide range of LED chips, starting from ultraviolett (UV), blue, green and red to infrareds in sizes varying from 8 to 60 mil. White LED chips in cold-, neutral-, and warm white are our specialty. Our products consist of wafer soldered technologies such as InGaN, AllnGaP and AlGaAs as well as standard absorbing substrates (AllnGaP) or volume emitting technologies (AlGaAs, SiC). Within the production cycle mainly MOCVD reactors are used. Upon request we also offer LPE dice at infrared wavelengths. We carefully select our products to ensure reliability and the best performance this is why we only contract premium suppliers.

Our Service Commitment:

No matter small or high quantity of your order, we always welcome our customers with the same high quality service and they can rest assure to profit from our best price guarantee. Our customer promise includes professional and expert consultation at eye level. Furthermore, in order to maintain the smooth operation of the transit procedure we pack your orders considering the highest packaging and shipment standards.

At Light Avenue we perform for your value.