Rapid Prototyping

Linse mit PCB

Light Avenue acquires a lot of inhouse expertise in rapid prototyping. We understand our customer needs and look specifically at every detail in the early stage of product development. The know-how of our specialists and a state-of-the art equipment help us to come up with qualified initial solutions.

In terms of rapid prototyping we are able to support with following skills:
- Design of PCBs according to customer specification
- Sample mock-up on MCPCBs, TOs or lead frames
- Simulation of the light sources (LED-, VCSEL-, Laser dice)
- Adjustment to customer needs using optics
- 3D printing of required carrier for optics
- Precise placement of optics due to automated pick and place robot
- Silicone free set up with epoxy resin and automated dispensing robot

written on 11.02.2020